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We want to work. We want to dream. We want to play. We want to rest. When we work, we want our work to matter, and we want to be valued for our contribution to our jobs, and communities.

Unfortunately, so many of our workplaces and communities limit their view of human value — to a number with a dollar sign.


We believe that there are better ways to value ourselves beyond our income.


We believe that there are better ways to organize society besides sorting neighborhoods by salary level.


We know that we live in a class system.


And: we know that caring for community matters more than conserving the comfort level of the complacent class.


We are practicing more mature, integrated ways of valuing ourselves and each other in relationship. We center personal joy, community alignment, and generosity.


We reject systems merely extracting profit from human hours and limited resources. We nurture systems rooted in right relationship with personal sovereignty and our planet.


We’re moving from systemic extraction to systemic accessibility.


Together, we are rethinking money and value to build healthier relationships at work, and in community.


We offer companies, community organizations, and leaders of all levels practical tools to analyze and realign your high-value relationships.


We’re Defiance Exchange.



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  • Isolationism

  • Perfectionism

  • “Grind culture”

  • Conflict fragility

  • Binaries

  • Objectivity

  • Victimhood mindsets

  • Resource hoarding

  • Fear-based decision making 


  • Responsibility

  • Empowerment

  • Empathy 

  • Compassion

  • Connection

  • Ease

  • Sovereignty

  • Collaborative abundance

  • Desire

  • Integrity

  • Redistribution of wealth (of all kinds, not just monetary)

  • Integrated Decision-making

Today’s Practice for Dismantling Oppressive Systems


What makes someone more deserving or less deserving than me in our shared culture? 

Where did I learn that my time was more or less valuable than anyone else’s? How did that idea get justified and reinforced over time? Who was reinforcing it and what benefit did they have by continuing that idea? Do I want to keep that “ societal rule” or let it go? 

What work do I already do that isn’t paid and/or valued by societal norms? How would I feel, think, and move through the world if others outwardly valued that work in me? 

How would I like to be recognized and celebrated for what I can do instead of defining my role in community by what I can’t / don’t do or only the limited skillset I get paid for?

What have I done well today? What have I loved about myself? We at Defiance Exchange want to help celebrate that in you.