Cognition Coaching


Our Steps to Cognitive Growth:


1. Consultation

You are your own mind’s expert. During consultations, we listen to your cognitive complaints and triumphs and explore possible contributing factors.

2. Testing

Contributing factors are put to the test! We test at a pace you can handle to discover possible paths toward remediation.

3. Plan of Action

We will create a start date and an ideal plan together that suits your lifestyle, capacity and financial needs.

4. Weekly Sessions

In order to progress cognitively, we have to perform tasks frequently enough for our minds to “care.” Most clients come in 1-3 times per week.

5. Cognition Tracking

We measure your progress as we go so you can monitor your own growth.

6. Completion

Our goal is to work ourselves out of our jobs! You can see and experience your cognitive growth and go on about your life with confidence in your capability and cognitive capacity.

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Unlock Your Cognition


Start your Conscious Cognitive Journey

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