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Together is Better


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Intention & Trust

Through the last 20 years of working on boards for non-profits and engaging in community organizing for the protections of youths, queer folx, the disabled community, communities of color and immigrant communities I have learned that the only way through the struggle is together. Oppressive systems work effectively to break down our communities and we must work just as effectively to build them back up. Strong, vibrant communities are the space in which we stop surviving, start thriving and are able to make systems change possible. 


In the cultures I come from we have learned over time that the only way to create true community is to build the natural, complex systems of mutual aid which result in the relational trust required to sustain the seismic shifts in culture that happen when systems change. I have learned that these shifts are quite scary and much more easily and joyfully accomplished with friends! As we shift from a cash based economy to a time banking model, each person's value becomes their whole self and our communities begin to have capacity to change and grow. 


My intention is to create a business that operates in a way that not only offers a supplementary economy system that actively supports getting services safely to marginalized people through the Cultural Engagement Indicator, but also leads the way in a new form of human based business practice. We create the systems change we want by being the systems change we want.


Pronouns: She/Her/Hers


Cultural Engagement Indicator (CEI) Score: ____/____

Rate: $250/hour

Defiance Exchange Co-founder, Relational Entrepreneur, Activist, DEI Business Consultant, Support Group Facilitator, Disability Advocate/Consultant​


Disabled, Jewish, Indigenous, Roma, some college education


Flying Sail
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