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Candis - The Sovereign Alchemist

Coach I Facilitator I Speaker I Consultant I Visionary I Trickster I Nerd

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Pronouns: Any

Location: Puyallup Tribal land - Tacoma, WA


Alchemist - Defiance Exchange Co-founder

Coach - Facilitator - Speaker - Consultant

Visionary - Trickster - Nerd

Positional Strengths & Identity

 Queer (+Nonbinary), disabled, Irish/Welsh/Dutch-American (white), Tsalagi, neurodivergent, polyamorous, married, middle income (very poor until age 30), current age: mid-30's, college educated with Master's degree, family in American south and PNW, spiritual/pagan, US citizen, American dynamics of power, money, and relationships.  

Demographic Weaknesses & Less Experience

Immigration needs, Middle-Eastern Politics, Cult Mindsets, Cyrillic/Eastern European cultures, African nation dynamics, Latin American dynamics


I was conditioned to believe I wasn't valuable because of who I am and what I was born with or without.

By relating to difference I saw my love & humanity in others

By taking responsibility for myself I found my power

By honoring my sovereignty I found my way

By honoring my being I found belonging

I am shiny &  sovereign AF y'all. 

And I want you to Shine With Me

That's why I started Defiance Exchange!


The sacred relationship & expression of & between the self & the whole

Being Sovereign 





Personal alignments & decision-making


Having Sovereignty

Relationship to Money

Relationship to Power
Relationship to Intimacy

Relationship to Systems


Acting Sovereignly 

Impact Awareness


Communal Creation


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Skills & Practices
By connecting with me, you'll get tailored support & exploration from my vast goodie-bag of Skills & Practices


Sovereignty over Disempowerment & Victimhood

Responsibility over Blame, Shame, or Guilt

Collective Synarchy over Hierarchy

Regeneration over Extraction

Trust over Hopelessness

Relating over Assuming

Joy over Fear


Personal & Relational Experience

  • Equity Consciousness

  • Neurodiversity & Neurodivergence Consciousness

  • Queer / LGBTQIA Consciousness

  • Financial Poverty & Comfort

  • Autism Spectrum (secondary experience)

  • Right Relationship & 4 skills of relating to difference

  • Transforming being "unwanted" to "unconditionally valued" 

  • Brain Injury survivorship and strategies

  • Navigating US disability systems

  • 13+ years of US Educator Experience 
  • Systems Artistry

  • Activism: queerness, anti-racism, financially undervalued, socially undervalued, homelessness, migrant workers, defunding police, feeding and homing people. 

Emotional Skills

  • Witnessing the way you want to be witnessed

  • Sovereign Alignments

  • Relating to Difference without Judgment

  • Trauma Informed Spaces/Practices

  • Somatic Emotional Reprogramming

Physical Skills

  • Somatic Presence & Choice-Making

  • Trauma Informed Somatic Practices

  • Somatic Trauma Release

  • Primal Reflex Integration 

  • Neurophysical Timing & Integration

Cognitive Skills

  • Attention/Focus Training

  • Memory Improvement

  • Improving Processing Speed

  • Vestibular System Alignment

  • Neurophysical Connection/Timing

  • Compensatory Strategies for Neurodivergence

  • Neuroplasticity & Re-routing of synaptic connection

Spiritual Skills

  • Energy movement work (like reiki)

  • Individuation

  • Ancestral healing

  • Mediation strategies

  • Soul retrieval

  • Journey/quest 

  • Divine relationship(s) exploration

  • Pruning reactive ego

  • Building/accepting spiritual ego (that which is aligned with most benevolent outcome and unique only to you)

  • World mythology/religion knowledge

  • Irish/pagan specific knowledge/practice background

Financial Skills

  • Aligning Spirit and Money 

  • Humane Business Consulting

  • Equitable Systems Creation

  • Owner/Operator/Co-founder of 2 businesses

Degrees & Certifications

  • Community Support - i.e. people support and trust me

  • B.A. English and French

  • M.A.E. Secondary English

  • Specialist for Teens with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

  • Reiki Master Certified 

  • I no longer uphold or participate in formalized academia paths as they preserve unnecessary and harmful hierarchies & extractive practices

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