Sustain your flow

Business Consulting

Know, Articulate & Negotiate your worth

Change the World from the Inside

  • Offer humane business structures & strategies to your employers

  • Problem-solve Avoidable Work-related issues

  • Self-Advocacy & Empowerment

Avoid Burnout

  • Do the work that sparks you

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Productive Rest

  • Bring your Whole Self to work

  • Personal Agency & Sovereign Alignments

  • Personal Energy Management

DEI Support

  • Structural & Relational Practices for Relating to Difference​

  • Negotiate Compensation for Educating your Employers on how to Relate to you Safely​​

Revolutionize the World via Your Business

  • Challenge & Restructure harmful inherited Business Culture

  • Align your Business sustainably for You, Your employees & the Earth

  • Diversify Your Team Safely

  • Sustainable Financial Growth Strategies

  • Finding your Business' Balance: working from Home & On Site

Self-Sufficiency to Regeneration

  • Personal & Business Energy Management

  • Cognitive skill Enhancement

  • Community Engagement

  • Creative Reciprocity Contracts

Higher Employee Retention

  • Hire for the people & skills, not just to fill a job description​

  • Dynamic, Joy-seeking Project Management Strategies

Reduce Burnout

  • Bring your Whole Self to work

  • Energy Management Strategies

DEI Support

  • Structural & Relational Practices for Relating to Difference​

  • Neurodivergence at work

Nuts and Bolts

  • Choosing the right software blend for CRM, Accounting, & Collaboration

  • Creative Funding Solutions

  • Marketing your Revolution


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Savvy Entrepreneurs
& Employers


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