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Candis Fox

Coach I Facilitator I Keynote I Consultant I Visionary I Trickster I Nerd

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Cultivate Richness

End the cycles of begging

For Love

For Money

For Recognition

For Equality

Coaching -- Workshops  

Consulting  --  Keynote Speaking 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility -- DEIA, DEI
Polyamory & Non-Monogamy
Collective Consciousness
Gender & Sexuality


Live & Leave a Legacy you can be proud of

Find the ease in PLeasURe

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Personal and Relational Training

  • Equity Consciousness

  • Neurodiversity & Neurodivergence Consciousness

  • Queer / LGBTQIA Consciousness

  • Transactional Competency

  • Financial Poverty & Comfort

  • Autism Spectrum

  • Right Relationship 

  • Relating to Difference

  • Transformation

  • Brain Injury survivorship and strategies

  • Navigating US disability systems

  • 13+ years of US Educator Experience 
  • Systems Artistry

  • Activism: queerness, anti-racism, financially undervalued, socially undervalued, unprotected workers, defunding police, feeding and homing people. 

Somatic Wellness

  • Somatic Presence & Choice-Making

  • Trauma Informed Somatic Practices

  • Somatic Trauma Release

  • Primal Reflex Integration 

  • Neurophysical Timing & Integration

Financial Delight

  • Aligning Wellbeing and Money 

  • Humane Business Consulting

  • Punishment-free learning

  • Equitable Systems Creation

  • Owner/Operator/Co-founder of 2 businesses

Energetic Insight

  • Reiki Master Certified

  • Individuation

  • Ancestral healing

  • Meditation & Mindfulness strategies

  • Divine relationship(s) exploration

  • Aligning with Universal Energy

  • World mythology/religion knowledge

  • Irish/pagan specific knowledge/practice background

  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • TikTok


Sovereignty over Disempowerment & Victimhood

Responsibility over Blame, Shame, or Guilt

Collective Synarchy over Hierarchy

Regeneration over Extraction

Trust over Hopelessness

Relating over Assuming

Joy over Fear


Skills and Practices

By connecting with me, you'll get tailored support & exploration

from my vast goodie-bag of Skills & Practices in a PUNISHMENT-FREE space

Love Savvy

  • Witnessing the way you want to be witnessed

  • Sovereign Alignments, Congruence

  • Relating to Difference without Punishment

  • Trauma Informed Spaces/Practices

  • Somatic Emotional Reprogramming

Cognitive Reprogramming

  • Attention/Focus Training

  • Memory Improvement

  • Improving Processing Speed

  • Vestibular System Alignment

  • Neurophysical Connection/Timing

  • Strategies for Neurodivergence

  • Neuroplasticity & Re-routing of synaptic connection


Degrees and Certifications

  • Community Support - i.e. people support and trust me

  • B.A. English and French

  • M.A.E. Secondary English

  • Specialist for Teens with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

  • Cognitive Therapy

  • Reiki Master Certified 



Individual & Leadership & Partner Sessions

Reduce your fear-based 

decisions about


 Money, love, & bodies. We all need them & we all struggle with them. I guide hard working caretakers & leaders from burn out, frustration & pain to ease, abundance & power. Here are some questions my clients face daily:

  • Do the choices you make revolve around other people first? 

  • Are you tired of feeling like you need validation from the men in your life? 

  • Do you constantly clean up after everyone but have no support for your own mess? 

  • How many labels of your identity did you choose vs how many were given or forced on you? 

  • Is there a part of you that longs for recognition, satisfaction, and peace?

(The secret? It can be easy. It’s never too late to be seen as the loving badass that you are.)

Money Mindset coach? Yes! 
 Relationship coach? Yes!
Leadership  Coach? Yes! 
Power Coach? Yes! 
Brain coach? Yes! 
Teen Coach? Yes!
 Life Coach? YES!

I got you


Scalable Sizes  -  Invaluable Experiences


Put the HUMAN back in Human Resources 

Make you and your team Cancel Culture-proof.   
Integrate Diversity at every level of your organization with confidence & trust. 

Values Alignment 
DEIA / DEI Workshops
Anti-racism Workshops
Decolonizing Workshops
Neurodiversity Workshops
Gender and Sexuality Workshops
Consent, Human Resources, Policies
Transactional Competency Workshops

Money Mindsets for teams, Leaders, & Decision-makers


Rock Climbing Gear


Pollinating the Future Now

Deprogramming Supremacy Mindsets


Money Mindsets

Gender & Sexuality

Diversity -  Equity  -  Inclusion  -  Accessibility





Cultivating a sustainable business?

I've got you.


DEI WORKSHOPS and Consulting (Diversity Equity & Inclusion): 


A business or organization without DEI competency loses money, loyalty, and ultimately suffers from inefficiency. DEI workshops create more stable, profitable, and longer lasting businesses. Here’s what happens for leaders & groups who hire me they: 


  • Retain more productive, committed, employees

  • Increase revenue by reaching more loyal customers 

  • Save money & time by removing outdated & costly tools 

  • Grow profits with more efficient systems to clients & staff.

  • Protect their reputation by future-proofing their brand.

  • Strengthen the reach of your services & impact. 

(The good news? You don’t have to memorize a million rules to succeed.)



For Regenerative, Human-focused Organizations



Richer Relationships in

Life & Work

Fall in love.png

Fall In Love

With Failure 


Indulge your "YES!" for life


In Rest & Reverence

... Before you might think!

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