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What is a Time Bank?

Everyone's time is equally valuable: 1 hour with you = 1 hour with someone else

Defiance Exchange replaces supremacy mindsets and structures through a supplemental economic system that restores our collective relationship with money by valuing each person’s contributions equally through the static, global currency of TIME. 

About Us

Welcome to Defiance Exchange. We create systems within our business and people in our online and local community by cultivating the following values: Economic Agency, Personal Fulfillment, Relational Courage, Abundance Mindsets, Joy, and Transparency. 


We believe timebank technology can help restore equity and empower community. We are looking for business and non-profit partners who have similar goals and want to help create a new norm together by exchanging culturally significant educational trainings for members and staff. Together we can learn how to love each other better and see our inherent value more. Members will literally get paid to be more educated about people different from themselves. Pretty great right?

Our incorporation structure as the first LCA in WA state history allows us to pay dividends to members, use unobtrusive advertisement models, and pay each employee the same base rate of pay with bonuses for projects that require more responsibility or risk.  

Relate & Murmurate

Join our movement by offering your talents, skills, connections, or money. Any healthy relationship starts with a conversation. Speak with a Co-founder!

Give what you can

We move at the speed of our community and not a day faster. Do you want to see this Timebank give you and your community more ways to value each other? Be part of the movement!


paypal.me/defianceexchange     - PAYPAL

www.venmo.com/Defiance-Exchange   -  VENMO

        SHARE us with YOUR NETWORK

Your interest means more to us than you know and we know we can't do this without you.

Share  defianceexchange.org wherever you can!

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Financial Gifts go toward: 

Marketing Reach

We're looking to be at least 80% Customer/Member funded, and we have to connect with them.

Each member has a vote in our operations and we all get to put our money where our mouths are!

Software Development

Securing contracts to create and update software needed to actually make the timebank work.  


We all get the same, liveable base-pay without limiting job titles. DE employees joyfully dabble in each piece of production & exploration.

We have a nimble, talented workforce and we love what we do!

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Learn More about D.E.

Track your Hours

Thank you for showing up for your community! Your medicine matters and we want to thank you for using it to shape an equitable, collective future. Do you want to earn hours for the work you don’t get paid for?

We have created an old-fashioned, temporary, low-tech google form for you to fill out to track up to 4 hours per day contributed to moving our collective culture to a better norm. We offer this as an extension of our trust in you and the work you do for our community. Once you sign up when our system is ready, we will transfer your tracked hours to your timebank so you can start “spending” your time with anyone in the bank to receive services without any financial exchange.

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Interested In learning more or getting Involved?

Contact us at info AT defianceexchange DOT org


Schedule a video/audio chat with our co-founders, Summer and/or Candis! Do it now while you’re thinking about it! We might get really popular soon and be less accessible if we do our job right.

Today’s Practice for Dismantling Oppressive Systems


What makes someone more deserving or less deserving than me in our shared culture? 

Where did I learn that my time was more or less valuable than anyone else’s? How did that idea get justified and reinforced over time? Who was reinforcing it and what benefit did they have by continuing that idea? Do I want to keep that “ societal rule” or let it go? 

What work do I already do that isn’t paid and/or valued by societal norms? How would I feel, think, and move through the world if others outwardly valued that work in me? 

How would I like to be recognized and celebrated for what I can do instead of defining my role in community by what I can’t / don’t do or only the limited skillset I get paid for?

What have I done well today? What have I loved about myself? We at Defiance Exchange want to help celebrate that in you.