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Growth &Repatterning

Brain Coaching

Neurophysical  I  Vestibular 
Memory  I  Processing Speed  I  Focus & Attention  I  Executive Function

Strategies, Exercises, & Growth Tracking for your Neuroplastic Journey. Work with a Cognition Coach  to get support with the changes you want to make within your own mind. 

Improve Mind Function, Heal from Injury, & Never walk the struggle Alone

Think More Like You

Green Coral and Fish
Experienced Coaches


Intake -  Concerns and Desired Outcomes. PERSONALIZED Plan Options,  Agreements, Consent, Conversation & Paperwork


Meet - As determined by the Intake Process. Change requires a minimum of a 3-month commitment of twice-weekly sessions



 Check in! Review progress. Adjust as needed.


Final Session 

or  - Continued Support

 Review your journey. Celebrate. Stay a while if you like.


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