Communal Nourishment

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Reciprocity means you get something and offer something. We are offering a means of safer, more intentional communal connections and that requires paying our employees and contractors! D.E. is currently partnering with Tacoma Cooperative Network (TCN) as our fiscal sponsor - they offer cooperative internet access and we offer an online timebank - we're a match made in Grit City heaven! 

If you make a donation and would like more transparency on our values, aspirations and plans, please check out our Pitch Deck. If you still need more information, please email us at

Do you Want D.E. Now or later?

We move at the speed of our community and not a day faster. Do you want to see this Timebank give you and your community more ways to value each other? Be part of the movement!

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Financial Gifts go toward: 

Marketing Reach

We're looking to be at least 80% Customer/Member funded, and we have to connect with them.

Each member has a vote in our operations and we all get to put our money where our mouths are!

Software Development

Securing contracts to create and update software needed to actually make the timebank work.  


We all get the same, liveable base-pay without limiting job titles. DE employees joyfully dabble in each piece of production & exploration.

We have a nimble, talented workforce and we love what we do!