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Your Opinion Matters!

Keep your eye on this page if you want to guide our policies, practices, and future goals. For now, let’s build our network and Defiance Exchange team.

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Be a part of our team

Want to work with Defiance Exchange and help build our Timebank? We need programmers, writers, thinkers, networkers, lawyers, user/member/community perspectives, web developers, relational practitioners and, well, you. We need you. Be a part of our team! Here’s a way to offer your services and begin the relationships necessary to offer skills and efforts and receive honors and payments.

We want to meet your Collective!

Do you have access to a network, social constellation, or business that is in line with our values of Economic Agency, Relational Courage, Personal Fulfillment, Transparency, Distributive Wealth Practices, Joy & Reciprocity? Then fill out this form! We want to meet your collective!

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We don’t currently have the workforce to offer any policy-making polls yet. We will offer our Co-op polls as soon as we can afford to pay those who would make them.


 Until then, if you are really itchin’ to give your opinion, please take time to familiarize yourself with any information related to your input on our website before contacting us! 


Here’s a great place to start: Check out the Pitch Deck


We will assume the best intentions of you as a default setting in our operations because we want to continue being as safely accessible as possible to every potential member -


 - We do not have any interest, time, or willingness to dedicate to relationally indolent people offering their opinions or ideas about how we should conduct our business.

In short- if you can’t put in some effort to learn about us and the rationales behind our business/community choices, then we won’t put much effort into listening to you. Because we assume the best intentions of our community, individual access to us can get bogged down by those who just want to offer their opinion without understanding the rationale of what we’re trying to accomplish. We want to stay accessible to as many people (and as safely) as possible - so we are putting trust in our whole community that individuals will be prepared for a connection with us. 


We’re overjoyed to and energized by meeting with community members

who can demonstrate alignments with our values!

We want to celebrate who you are and what you offer your community! 

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