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Lineage of Pearls

Do you know someone or an organization who has earned communal trust in an individual or collective? "Pearls" are an honorific title we at DE offer to those who have sifted through and/or survived toxicity while creating and activating beauty and compassion along the way- like oysters do! 

This is a list of people, works of art, or organizations that have inspired us to be the community that we are at Defiance Exchange. Their contributions to our world are deeply revered, respected, and have influenced our employees and Advisory Members.

Should you find your name on this list, please reach out to our team to start a conversation on how we can best honor you, your efforts, and contributions.

Who lights and lifts you and your community up?

Tell us who we should honor alongside you. Add links whenever possible so we can learn more!

*Some Lineage Pearls names are posted without their consent in hopes of starting conversations with them. We will happily remove any names  of those who do not want their name on this list. Once vetted, and the "Pearl" consents, we will post their name/collectives on either our Lineage page or added to our database of trusted partners and perhaps even be invited to become an Advisory Member of Defiance Exchange*

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