Meet Your Co-founders

Hi, we’re your co-founders: Candis and Summer. Like you, we were lied to. We were told that scarcity-based economies were the only way we could move through this world. We saw empty houses and homeless workers. We saw edible food being thrown in the garbage. We saw people with beautiful gifts undervalued and told they couldn’t make enough money to live their truths. We saw innovation slowly dying in America due to conformity and supremacy mindsets. 

FUCK THAT. We knew there was a better way to thrive together because other edge communities were already doing it, but it was chaotic and too localized - so we decided to make a global currency system to help us enjoy getting our needs and wants met. We knew we couldn’t stop there, so we made sure our business structure  directly reflected our timebank product so we could start healing with you together.


Edge communities live outside of dominant paradigms because they were pushed out and punished for non-conformity. We were pushed out as disabled, queer, indigenous, AFAB people. . . and despite all the systems punishing us for things we couldn’t control, we found a way to be joyful and love life and community. Most edge communities do! 


Now we invite you and everyone to engage in a healthier way to express economy; for you to find your joy in life and share it with others in order to get your needs met. We’ve done the leg work so you can explore your worth joyfully together more safely. 


Abundance is real. Joy in the face of oppression is productive revolution. You have a lot to offer and someone wants it, so find each other with Defiance Exchange Timebank.

Candis Alone.jpg


Candis is a queer, non-binary (AFAB), white disabled/alterabled, neurodivergent, Xennial, ex-educator, cognitive specialist, healer, and Systems Artist/ Co-founder for D.E.

Candis has the vision and the ability to scale and communicate their vision for max enjoyment and engagement!