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Trading power

Money Mindset


Many of us haven't chosen how  we relate to  money. It can get in the way of us making more money, being more generous, or even cause us to overspend for the sake of others and sacrifice our own financial health.

Your Money Story Matters 

Check out these Money Mindset Characters - Do you know which one is making financial decisions for you? 

The Dominator

Dominators are often very financially successful or feel like they should be. They often use money as a means of manipulating others to get what they want and are picky about what and how (or if) they receive from others. Most interactions are contractual and loyalty is the paramount currency. Many Dominators live in the future and feel like they can never get enough money or power and will be very secretive about how they get, keep, and spend both. Dominators hunger for hierarchy and crave to be at the top and all the money or power to prove it.


Afraid of unpredictability, accountability, and not having “enough”, the Dominators want MORE.of.EVERYTHING with little regard for sustainability.


When the Dominators are honest with themselves and others about how much money they need to live the life they want and have robust practices of consent and sustainability, they can become supportive leaders capable of achieving great change.


Meet - 8-12   1.5-hour sessions

Money History. Money Mindsets. Emotional Money Stories. Explore Money. Choose & Practice your new Money Mindset!


Final Session 

or  - Continued Support

 Review your journey. Celebrate. Stay a while if you like.


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