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Collective Partners of 


Defiance Exchange is proudly connected to other networks, businesses, groups, and social constellations dedicated to making our world more accessible, empowering and transparent in order to generate and practice better ways of being . . . together. 


We’re all about relationships. We’re not going to list a business just because they want us to or because they have made a large financial contribution. They have to earn our trust the same way we have to earn your trust - by practicing relational courage and right relationships.


Snorkeling in the Ocean
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Is all of this sounding and feeling uplifting and exciting? Great! Get us started - we want to love your collective as much as you do. 

Partnership Process


Schedule and have a conversation with a founder, a member of the relational committee, or board member (likely followed by more meetings/relating with others in the organization)


Build an actual, functional relationship, which can include any sharing of any viable, necessary resources, ideas, practices. Follow up as needed. Build direct relational trust. This part can get messy on both sides, so be prepared and be as gracious as is sustainably possible.


We list your business on our page to encourage other people and businesses aligned with our communal goals to connect and build communal trust!


Alert us to any policies or practices that take you out of alignment with our communal values and renegotiate our relationship. We will alert all of our changes via our Empowerment Polls Page (our Co-op voting polls that change our policies based on member participation)

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