Resources for

Relational Courage

Healing with Money

If you didn't have to Pay, Earn, or Hoard Money . . .

What would wealth look like?

What would you want to be valued for?

How/What would you celebrate yourself?

How would you treat a struggling stranger?

What would you love to do with your time?

What would you do differently for your health?

Which traits would you seek in people to work with?

How/What would you like to be celebrated by others?

Would you be more or less generous with your resources?

How would it FEEL to have your needs met by your community?

What would “Volunteering” mean if you got services in exchange?

Exploring your Relationship to Money

What's your first memory of Money? How did it make you FEEL?

Which parts of your relationship to money did you inherit? Do you still want those parts?

How do you WANT to FEEL about Money? - How can you practice feeling that way now?

How do you think people on a different spot on the Income Spectrum feels about Money? How can you find out for sure?