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Ocean Water

"I don't know where I'd be without Candis Fox. Candis helped me transition through one of the most difficult times and relationships in my life. As a trans person of color and community organizer, I needed someone who was proficient in social justice and anti-racism to help me combat a lot of painful actions in a very tender and important relationship. Candis was phenomenal, so well educated, compassionate with all parties, and also real, ensured accountability, equity, bodily safety and was present with my nervous system throughout the process. I have never felt so professionally supported in my life. The outcome of the conflict with Candis's support feels hopeful, healing, and exciting and I know has brought so much growth to everyone involved. I will never use another mediator for a difficult and racially charged conflict." 

- Aliko, Mediation Client


Sovereignty for Teens & Adults I Relational Skills I Cognition I Anti-Racism I Relationship to Power & Money

Group Sovereignty I Relational Skills I Integrated Decision-Making I Anti-Racism I Relationship to Money & Power I D.E.I. 

Ethical Business in Unethical Systems I Empowered Employees & Owners I Relational Skills I D.E.I.

Grow within Tension I Choosing Love I Punishment-free Strategy I Priority & Value Alignment

Systems Change in Trade I Honoring our Gifts Supplemental Economy

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