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Building an economy of trust

Timebanking with Defiance Exchange

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What is a Time Bank?

Everyone's time is equally valuable: 1 hour with you = 1 hour with someone else

Defiance Exchange replaces supremacy mindsets and structures through a supplemental economic system that restores our collective relationship with money by valuing each person’s contributions equally through the static, global currency of TIME. 

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 You put an hour of service into your community with Defiance Exchange approved coordinators, and you get to spend that hour with ANY of the services available in the timbank, and thanks to our CEI score, you can make choices about how safe each of the providers will be for you to work with and support.

Covid-19 has left us hurting  for connection

If every therapist in WA state alone offered

4 hours a month to 4 timebank clients

We could serve roughly 26,000 community members at

3 - 10 times LESS than standard methods of payment for therapists

CEI: Cultural Engagement Indicator Score

Timebank users and businesses can use our CEI score to estimate relational safety of other users and future employees/employers. 


Timebank users can even get hours in their bank for taking the CEI quiz every 6 months! We will partner with educational organizations to provide ways for users to "level up" their scores so we can all become better, safer members of our communities. 



The CEI is a self-reported quiz on your acquired knowledge, experience, and advocacy level for every demographic. 

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