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We're making a space for global members to heal from the harm caused by supremacy mindsets and extractive economic practices - here's how!

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Choice to be financially restorative: charity feels gross, but strong communities don’t have to give charity if we both give and receive and reduce the unnecessary and harmful practices of economic hierarchies


Unobtrusive advertising: Our bulletin board style advertising model allows for collectives to advertise volunteer opportunities that will be paid in Defiance Exchange Hours 


Redistribution: Active Members will receive dividends every quarter based on our profits after necessary maintenance and planning fees. In addition, we intend to fund other partnered non-profits and, if possible, restore indigenous land - the percentage will be determined by a ranked choice voting system for Active Members and Board Members


Restoration of Inherent Capital: At the end of the day, capitalism requires slavery: we’re trying to restore natural, inherent value of people and their efforts. Need a somber dose of reality? Check out these stats on current slavery practices and what we can do about it.

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Agency & Responsibility



20-hour work weeks: Very few humans feel fulfilled after sustaining a 40-hour work week for years on end. By implementing 20-hour work weeks, our employees are enabled and encouraged to participate in community events. Many of our staff are also disabled and require more rest between action items. We refuse to devalue our folks because of this.


Low-profile hierarchies: All employees receive the same base rate with contract positions with projects available for extra pay. In line with our belief in transparency, as soon as we have enough capital, our website will show the basic rate we use for all our employees. Currently, we pay in hours but our goal is to attract investors who share in these values too.. After all, we gotta eat too.

Flexible Goals, Approaches, & Timelines: We bring in people to our team; not workers. Those people are encouraged and supported in their work on the projects that they feel are best suited to their interests and capacities. Gaps are filled by other employees whose talents and passions match the need. We hire for people, not rigid positions

What comes after cancel culture? D.E. employees and Advisory Members practice getting messy together, making mistakes, learning and practicing ways to come back together safely for the betterment of us all - then we celebrate!

Relational practice: All employees are encouraged to socialize and participate in our intentional relational practices are vulnerable together and hold each other accountable. This approach also makes our work flow far more efficient because we know what lights up other members of our team and then activate them.


CEI: Our Cultural Engagement Indicator is a tool to help identify community members who are more likely to be safe, trusted and active in their communities. There are endless applications for this tool and we intend to license it to larger companies and share the profits.


Bringing one’s whole self means going at our personal speeds together: We can’t move forward unless we’re all coming along. Our team values accomplishing things in their “right time” instead of just quickly.


Ask for what you want, Get what you need: It’s simple. We’re here for each other and we’re here for you. Take a chance and feel the healing that can occur when we lean into our trusted and beloved community.


Reciprocity &

Timebanks by default give us an opportunity to connect, receive and give hours of service between each other. We are valued for the multitude of things we do instead of one kind of job/skill.


Active Members can create and vote on initiatives to pour our profits into - for instance creating sustainability grants


There’s a lot of money out there. We hope to generate a lot from our unobtrusive ads so we can redistribute among members and pay out through dividends to practice collective wealth distribution.


Reciprocity Requirement: All Active Members must receive service hours as well as exchange or give them. We will not assuage guilt - no martyrs here - just people leaning into each other. Besides, charity feels gross and non-profits aren’t always the best way to give or receive resources. 





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I mean, you’re reading this. That’s something. We’re putting ourselves out there with you.

Our structures will be available online for easy viewing/understanding as soon as they’re finalized. As of January 2021, we’re about 80% finished


Our LCA structure, policies, cultural, norms and base pay rate will be available online to be viewed or used in other organizations


We commit to honoring the legacies and lineages we inherited ideologically that support our mission. We also admit our mistakes because they are also part of our legacy- our value of Relational Courage requires us to.

“Economy” doesn’t have to be a heavy word! We can celebrate our collective successes and richness of interactions. 


 Our economy is how we make and trade value - we emphasize what we value. We choose to value more than the job title you applied for. We value your natural inclination to offer what you love and receive what you want and need. 

The tools that help you survive aren’t always the tools that help you thrive! Timebank technology can help our communities thrive.

JOY is a RADICAL act in the face of SUPREMACY

Defiance Exchange Anti-Values

 In all of our planning, practices, and relationships, we are STRONGLY AGAINST: Supremacy Mindsets and Systems, Fear-based/Scarcity Mindsets and Systems, Isolationism, Perfectionism, “Grind culture”, Conflict fragility, Binaries, Objectivity, Victimhood mindsets, Resource-hoarding,
Fear-based decision making

Like what you see? Want to join the team or communicate your gratitudes? Check out our



  • Isolationism

  • Perfectionism

  • “Grind culture”

  • Conflict fragility

  • Binaries

  • Objectivity

  • Victimhood mindsets

  • Resource hoarding

  • Fear-based decision making 


  • Responsibility

  • Empowerment

  • Empathy 

  • Compassion

  • Connection

  • Ease

  • Sovereignty

  • Collaborative abundance

  • Desire

  • Integrity

  • Redistribution of wealth (of all kinds, not just monetary)

  • Integrated Decision-making

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