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For Deliberate decisions




Exploring & Choosing our Relationships to Money can give us:

Appreciation & Compassion for Self & those Different from Self


Enjoyment of Money Flow - spending and earning

Confidence in our Financial Negotiations

Ease in our Important Relationships

More Trust in Community

Generational Healing



Teen Sovereignty

Revealing Young Legends

Improve our self-esteem and self-worth

Helps us cause less unintentional harm

Make concrete actions in our lives to get us where we want to be

Commit to our values

Have more energy for the people and things we love most




Practicing Relational Skills

Change the way we move through the world

Practice more sustainable economic and ecological practices

Appreciate & celebrate difference

Get us what we want from life

Find your authentic way

Dismantle White Supremacy

Bi-weekly Drop-in Group Space

1st and 3rd Wednesday every month


Couple Showing Affection



Exploring & Choosing our Relationships to Money can give us:

Heal our generational money trauma

Ensure we are not a financially or politically neglected demographic

Gain confidence in our financial negotiations

Know our worth 

Explore new ways to practice economy without money

Relate to our vast difference within our community 



32 weeks of 4-hour meetings

4-8 people -- $6,000


Deprogram self-limiting “niceness”.

Release the need to be seen as a “good person”.

Realign money priorities with your authentic “fuck yes!”

Explore and Choose Your Relationships - to money, to self, to your community

Learn and practice ways to know what you want from life - and go for it

Align yourself  to your values

Change your systems by participating in them intentionally

Resolve is a Punishment-Free practice space to realign our relationship to Money, Self, and Community.


Queer Prom


The Integrated Approach to all Defiance Exchange Offerings

Know You. Choose You. Change Your World.

*Sliding scale based on mandatory preliminary conversation(s) about payments that are sustainable to facilitators and participants

Would you prefer privacy as you explore? Check out our Personal Coaching Offerings

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